Traditional Chios Food Products

Partner 5: Chios Chamber of Commerce

Chios is a blessed island, rich in soil and excellent Mediterranean climate that favors the production of many, different and quality products.

The travelers and the experience of their seafarers facilitated the promotion of Chios products abroad and contributed to the exchange of knowledge and the introduction of new ideas (production, processing, packaging) from all over the world.

In the depths of the centuries, Chios was known for its sweet spoon, gums with mastic or citrus aroma, and its aromatic herbs. Nowadays the excellent flavors have been enriched even more and innovative producers have created new products that are distinguished in Greece and abroad. Some of them belong to the cluster of businesses that produce traditional foods such as:

  • the famous Chios spoon sweets
  • local cheese
  • local aromatic herbs
  • fish
  • edible snail products
  • sesame seed candies
  • caramels with mastic, ouzo, tangerine and other local aromatic herbs
  • ice cream
  • ALOE VERA juice with lemon and mastic.