Authentic Cyprus Carob Products

Lead Partner: Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry – CCCI

Carobs are a product of the Mediterranean countries and carob trees flourish particularly in Cyprus which is known world-wide for the production of best quality carobs and carob products. Cyprus limestone soils favor the growth of carob products trees and provide for their particularly attractive taste. Cyprus carobs are particularly rich in natural sugar content more than 50% which explains their high demand in the international market. Carobs were known as “the black gold of Cyprus”. Carobs grow wild in most parts of the island. For some rural families, the revenue from carob crops is still important. One of the main production from the carobs are (teratsomelo), meaning carob syrup is produced by crushing the dry carob pods and then immersing them in water. Carob syrup is linked with health benefits, which is easy on the digestive system and improves digestion, in digestive system disorders and many more. Also carob seeds are considered to be a natural resource of homogenizer in food processing. Carob main products are carob syrup, carob powder, carobolata, carob snak, carob candies, carob drages, carob cream, carob liqueur, grape liqueur, praline with carob, coffee, carob bars, carob biscuits, carob with honey, balsamic with carob etc.

Among the objectives of the Cyprus Traditional Sweets & Cyprus Carob products Clusters are the following:
• An accurate estimation of the production and market of these products
• Preserving and enhancing knowledge of these sectors
• Mark them as Cyprus authentic products, classifying them in the Cyprus gastronomical culture
• The familiarization, promotion and establishment of these products in domestic and foreign markets