Partner 4: Cyclades Progress & Development Organization – ETAP

Cyclades are an insular complex with great winery tradition. The specific climate conditions as well as the soil composition and morphology on each island create a unique ecosystem that favors the cultivation of vines and holds a significant role in the development and the quality of their fruit.

In most Cycladic islands, a diversity of grapes are preserved, which are often grown locally and develop particular characteristics (oenological and winery) that distinguish them from the corresponding varieties grown in the rest of Greece.

Their particular aromatic and savory profile, due to this unique terrain of the Cyclades, rank them among the most exquisite wines in the world.

The objective of the “Cycladic Wine” cluster is to:

  • Mark Cyclades as a region with a deeply rooted wine-gastronomical culture.
  • The familiarization of Greek and foreign consumers with Cycladic cuisine and local Cycladic wine.
  • The promotion and establishment of the Aegean and especially the Cycladic cuisine and the Cycladic wine in both domestic and foreign markets.
  • Promotion of Cycladic cuisine and Cycladic wine in retail and wholesale networks.