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Cyclades Progress & Development Organization – ETAP

ETAP is a non-for-profit organization, established and totally (100%) owned by the Chamber of Commerce of Cyclades, Greece. Cyclades is a geographical area comprising of 24 islands located in the Aegean sea, where more than 18,500 Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are activated in various sectors (trading, manufacturing, tourism, services and other businesses). Its main purpose is to undertake action to facilitate local small and medium sized enterprises in increasing their competitiveness and modernize their business methods and techniques. In this context, ETAP is designing and implementing projects that strengthen local entrepreneurship and assist the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce and its members to achieve their qualitative and quantitative goals.

ETAP is organized into three main departments, i.e. Research, Business Training and Public Relations. ETAP’s main characteristics are flexibility and speed in making the right business decisions as well as its commitment in achieving effective and efficient business partnerships, aiming at managing and implementing projects undertaken by the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce (e.g. studies, European funded projects etc.). Specifically, its main activities include:

  • Service provision to facilitate local SMEs in their development and progress
  • Business organization studies,
  • Designing, implementing and managing business training programs,
  • Developing Information & Communication Technology infrastructures to be used by local SMEs (videoconferencing, e-learning etc.),
  • Preparing dissemination material (printed and electronic) on local business activity,
  • Qualitative and quantitative studies,
  • Facilitating investors in identifying and undertaking new business activities in the Cyclades’ territory,
  • Organization of events promoting issues of interest for the local business community.

Cyclades Progress & Development Organization – ETAP

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AdressAppolonos & Ladopoulou str. – Hermoupolis, Syros Isl- Gr, 84100